Flea Market Love

“Little Corner Office”

I work primarily from home when the boys are out of school. So in preparation for Christmas break, I needed a more useful & quiet place to do my work other than the dining room table.

I wanted a desk that I could put a few of my own touches to, but not be a complete refurbish project. Browsing online, I found a store about 30 minutes from me with a wide selection of desks. So I headed over to Kiehl Avenue Flea Market and began my search.  At first, I passed right by this yellow desk because frankly… I hated it! The color was too bright, it wasn’t what I originally wanted, and it lacked the character I was looking for.

I kept walking around the store & browsing the different booths, but something kept leading me BACK to the booth with the “yellow desk”.

So after much debating and brainstorming.. I overlooked all the things I didn’t like about it & made the purchase! For some reason I just knew I could make it “mine”. Along with the desk I bought an antique chair from another booth. It also needed a bit of paint and some upholstery, but for the most part it was in excellent condition & perfect!


Everyone has their own technique and to be honest, this was my very FIRST time painting a distressed furniture piece. Since I was working inside I chose to wet my sanding block to prevent a HUGE mess! I sanded it just enough to take the shine off (as you see pictured below.) After I was finished sanding, I wiped the excess dust off with a damp cloth, let it dry, and began painting.


Once I finished painting, I let it dry for a few hours before I sanded the edges, to add a more “worn” look to the desk.

I followed up with a furniture wax to seal the exposed wood. I used a clear lavender scented wax that I picked up at 2Brothers on my last trip. (Their store in Menifee, AR is a MUST SEE!)

Once I was finished, I couldn’t believe how much I loved my “new to me” desk.

Once I added a cork board and a cute little organizer I found at another flea market.. my “little corner office” was complete! (Well sort of… I’m still working on the chair, but for the time being, I’m HAPPY with how it all turned out!)



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