After Christmas Chronicles

We’re in Biloxi, MS visiting Greg’s parents for the week! We arrived safe & sound, after driving almost the entire way in the rain and storms. I was already nervous because we were driving the weekend after Christmas, but everything worked out perfect!

On the way down we found a great price on gas! We filled up the “mom van” for $31! Less than a mile down the road it was only $1.97, but I’m happy with the $1.99 we paid :)

We haven’t seen Nana & Pop Pop since August so we were very excited to head to Biloxi for a visit. Munchkin and Harley always go with us, and it was interesting to say the least.

Harley has this habit of sitting on top of Munchkin when she is in someone’s lap. She also is very stubborn and will not move if she finds a place she wants to sit. (See the driver picture where she wouldn’t let Daddy back in after he got out to pump our gas!)

One of the first things we do when visiting is fix a big pot of homemade Gumbo! In my opinion, gumbo isn’t the same unless you make it while on the coast! Not only is the seafood fresh from the gulf, but they have an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to cajun food! There are spices and seasonings that I have never seen or heard of, but are OH SO YUMMY!

Greg was raised on the coast as a child & also happens to be the chef of the house so dinner time in our house is never a dull moment. He absolutely amazes me with each dish he creates. When I say create, he literally creates every dish and doesn’t follow a recipe. How he does it, I have no idea! (I’m more of a baker and sweet treats person myself.) Eating out isn’t the same anymore, and to be honest, the only time we ever eat out is when he doesn’t feel like cooking :)

(Yes… I know… I am one VERY lucky girl!)

Stay tuned for the rest of the “Biloxi Trip” series.

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