Rollercoaster of life… Here’s to 2017

As you have noticed, I have been a little M.I.A. It’s not something that I planned, nor I wanted to do. I mean, I JUST started blogging! Here nor there, life happens.

2015 has already been packed with some crazy adventures for our family. Happy tears, sad tears, and everything in between! As I promised, here’s details on our family happenings:

In February my Dad called me with some disturbing news. The doctor was running tests and had concerns with some recent health issues. Within a week, we got confirmation of our worst fear… the C word… CANCER. My Dad was two months away from celebrating his 5th transplant birthday! After another week of worrying and waiting, we got the good news, that it is treatable! :)

Dad was hospitalized for observation while they gave him his first round of treatment. Unfortunately, he ended up there for over two weeks :(.

In March, we went on our very first cruise! My boyfriend and his youngest son have been on several, but my boys and I were first timers! It was very relaxing and honestly a much-needed get away from everything going on. To make it even more memorable… my boyfriend is officially my fiancé now! He popped the question right on the beach in Cozumel. However, the happy tears didn’t last very long…

The week we came back, we received news that his Dad was in the hospital. Our hearts literally sank. His Dad (Pop Pop) has had a rough year with several falls, resulting in being hospitalized. This time, it was due to a stroke.  He lost the ability to move his legs and ended up being put in a rehab facility. Thankfully almost 6 weeks after having his stroke, he was finally able to come home :).

We originally planned on setting a wedding date for later in the year, however, during the time his Dad was in the rehab facility, we got some unexpected news about my Dad’s treatment. Just before his third chemo treatment, he had routine blood work to check his liver functions. This resulted in the need for a liver biopsy. Dad’s chemo treatment was in jeopardy as the doctors were concerned that he was going into liver failure again. We had to wait two whole weeks to find out the test results. Most emotional two weeks ever!

Almost immediately, we made the executive decision that we were going to move our wedding date up. Our big day wouldn’t have been complete without both of our Dad’s around to share our joy.

Two weeks later…

Dad finally got the news we had waited for! Biopsy was GOOD! Which meant chemo treatment was back on track & all was well.

God is truly good!!

These past few months have really been an eye opener for me. Life is truly precious and should never be taken for granted. May your day be filled with lots of love, joy, & happiness!

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